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Testo della canzone

Ensconced in bibliosis before the tomes of reverence
Brooding in the study of the silent tower

The Grey Voyager of the void in pale sleep
Remembering the ruins of endless years
Dance for the rose in the forests of Pylea
The trionic text of the wolf in the pentagram
A bridge to the wisdom of the moon
The nebulous souls compounded in twilight
Ever and anon traversing the sphere of time
The saga of The Narrator within the mirrored walls
The first to witness the fall of Oberon
Of winds and ingate
Inverted coffins, a burning death
Beneath the sun's infinite fire

The answer balances on a legend lost in an age of dreams
Borne upon a cloak of stars, The scroll of heaven aflame
The secret aloft my wizened eyes
On the smiling caryatid's visage
As Iris descended into the earth
To kiss the roots of the ageless tree
In the darkness beyond the door, the altar is being prepared
The last perfect day and the world is near completion
Acclaim the prophecies bound within these halls
Written on the marble stones by my own hand

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