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Testo della canzone

Embraced by lightning in the Neutrial Interior
Death rules the air on tyrants wings
Claustrophobic chaos in a maze of prismatic walls
Benighted by the horns of the god

Cabalistic glyphs recall the story of the pharaoh
Keeper of the tomb and the multitudes of undead
Sealed within the 12th Sphere - The Ocean of Infinite Agony
A plague borne upon the triple helix
A hideous fungus of vipers
Mystified before the crystal altar
A sacrifice of light before the silent portal

Dread forms are summoned from celestial planes
Howling in rage beneath the abyss shroud

Sorcerers and kings waged great wars
Shadowed by spells in cathedral crypts
A dark lineage - The night breathes again

By the claws of the moon, sanity is riven from the soul
As Aries drinks the blood of the butchered Aphrodite

Mesmerised by the last flame of sunset
The immortal battle at the edge of twilight
Yet all tears have run dry
From countless millenia of oblivion

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