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Testo della canzone

Nighted, mystical, soaring dungeons - demesne of the gallant dead
Frozen shrines and blazing palaces, undulating opaline towers
Above the coruscating majesty the stone sky casts a pall
In the grim and gelid dawn of winter's foul despite
Sorcerous winds and turbulent seas
Rise and fall like a dirge
Monstrous suns and fiendish storms
An armada of cruelty and horror
The new universe - a strange thrill - a five-sided equation
Divergent paroxysm of Anaak Gigas, atavistic pestilence
Bone and blood - obdurate permanence - spawn of the nemesis star
A towering sphere of glowing ichor, the forest far beneath
The lilies have turned to asphodel
Panacea which was once liberation
Anodyne into living death
Your womb shall become your grave

Sycophants of the hybrid dictator
Sentinels of the island empire
The creator needs an author to justify his land
Occulted in the lore that dragons keep
As some lamed master bereft of theurgy
An equinox of mordant fear
A malignant ferocity in the ebon lake
Beneath the revenant of the dolorous moon

Inverted abysms within the mind's lair
A riot of raving madness and paramnesia
Falling upward through invisible gates
Vertigo of mirrored portals

This baffling prescence
A suspended void of cosmic hate
I saw the gleam of my ambition
And I saw the machinery behind it

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