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Testo della canzone

The cellar door is ajar to my inner sanctum
Before the Electric Messiah I'm at home in the dark
Watching the drama of life on a glowing stage
Colors and hues from the dreams of the blind

The adventure begins, the heroes embark on their quest
Through the cold moors to make their discovery
In the Hall of Shadows the pestle and mortar rest
Within a maze of glass the Desolate Queen awaits
Beyond the gates of twilight, under the wilting moon
By the light of fantasy where the night is my day

A voyage of the mind into the stellar expanse to reach the edge of all that is known
Past the mutilcentric rings of mythical planets and the eerie shades of collapsing stars

The swirling globes of the celestial cataclysm orbit the sun of a distant galaxy
Awaken the observer in pristine isolation, to witness the grandeur of eternity's exode

At the highest plane of the starlit void
I gaze over my black empire from the comfort of my crimson throne
Nod lies above my obfuscated eyes
Protected by the rods of the Five Wizards
The portal yawns, the ivory colonnades crumble
I sit alone in visual bliss

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album Obsidian Hell Elephant

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