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Testo della canzone

A seven-spired temple rising in splendor
The might of Istar in a sky of white gold
The majesty of the holiest city on Krynn
The chosen of the gods lost in their own light
A clergy corrupted by Manifest Virtue
Enslave and exterminate all evil races
All contrary thoughts shall be punished by death
For the Kingpriest to control the will of the mass
The paranoid despot, persecuted by shadows
Desires to rule in glory as the truth of Paladine
The exalted ascent of his high eminence
An insolent ultimatum prompted his doom
Demanding in his pride
What can only be sought in humility

Now the true clerics have left the land
The day of the Cataclysm dawns silent
Calamity turns to chaos
And the pale blue eyes of the Kingpriest reveal a weary frightened man
Ripping through the sulfurous air
A terrible resounding ruin
Judgment came from The Ancient Gods
When the fiery mountain fell

Istar bleeds
A nightmare of weeping, sadness and despair
The teeming fields of summer lie shattered on the ocean floor
Covered by the mercy of the waves

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