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Testo della canzone

He descended from the moon, eyes ablaze with the ardour of strength
The last survivor of a great civilization destroyed by a Dragonthrone War
Integrity beyond his years, able to see large vistas at once
Hero and saviour, seeks not conquest or crusade but peace

Three protectors as counterparts transcending the hemispheres
The Moonslayer, the Countess and the Wolf interceding against a persistent evil
Charging on a nightmare, hurricanes of flame
Invoked through spells of vengeance twining skyward

To remedy an intolerable pain and oppression
Demolition of the axis inside
Witness the mystery of this uncorrupted angel
Whose volcanic return shall release the elixir of light

Taking up the Demonstarsword
Roaring out from astral sanctuary
Riding a rising swell of anger
You should not wound that which cannot be killed!!!

Dismal clouds boiling in the glowing storm
The prodigious angst of a banished race
Ridden with wickedness, lost to fear
Usurped by a darkness baptised in devastation
He will become air and sky - amorphous and invincible
Despair cannot defeat him, he has routed the abyss
All the suns shall fall and the beast's mouths not avail
When the dead soar over the burning forests he stands a triumphal beacon

Embracing the destiny that brought him to such a time
To resurrect the forgotten dreams of this final generation
As desolate and alienated as a god
Driven by the need to create a new home

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