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A conveniently vague prophecy written in blank verse
The soothsayer's hyperbole foreseeing the final curse
The choice is yours to believe or deny the words of the charlatan
A needy shepherd in search of a flock to nourish his conceit
State the obvious and they listen in awe to portents of imminent doom
Religious theatre the only truth in the opal eyes of a fey child
Subjugate yourself to the blood you hold onto
The misery of past lives and endless genealogies
Superstition and ignorance augment inferiority
Eager to please - easy to manipulate

In the darkness of the pagan's crypt, the bones were cast and burned
The tarot spoke of the sins of the past as they gambled with their lives
The torchlight flickered before the icons blind, deaf and mute
The centurion dogs of Hades realm bayed for a sacrifice
The high priest of the worshippers raised his hands and cried
Greedy for the offering from the faithful, witless mob

Expecting a reward, bowed heads and folded hands
When the frankincense failed, revealed the bitterness of lies

The candles all melted, the wax was as rock, the wine it served them well!
The ashes of temples, the dust of captivity scattered on the wind
2012, the cosmogenesis, the coming golden age
But the thirteenth moon faded, the sun took it's place and morning came again
Liberty from tyranny and unfounded agony
Life remains a mystery, now we comprehend
No longer in bondage to the illusion of power
We've chosen freewill, the law of the random
So many things for mankind to learn again
Only this time without fear

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