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Testo della canzone

Witness the ecstasy of a celebrating soul
Reave the halls of kings, cleanse the filth of centuries
In the zealous flames of summer's raging creation
Shattering the silent earth by the monstrous abyss
Architects and visionaries counted in the game
Innovators singing the worlds into existence
Revealing the light of planets under seas
Wielding a mesmerising storm amongst the mountains vast

Active wonders shaped and sown by shining hand
Envigorating anthems of an eager mind
We shall not mourn nor step into wrath
Pain is conquered by the endless dawn

Comprehend the mathematics of the gods
A canvas of immaculate simplicity
Unholy reverence without illusion
Mute with awe at the loss of pretense

Elven sorcerers in dark obscurity
In willful eyes gather the night of theogeny
Shifting shadows, a divine afterthought
Traces in the scarlet sands - lines on the palm of the one

A spear of passion in the leader's mighty grasp
To battle the fell captain - the drear and the wick'd
Out into the middle of the conflict
As the treasure remains our strength

The blazing children won't cry for long
Born without favor yet beyond tyranny
No trap shall impede the heights we will reach
We are the heroes upon the pulsing hill

From a corner of dusk thunders the moon
Immortal chanting from the wells of epochs
The dynamic splendor of guardian beings
All and none atop the sole collonade

We see where hell cannot gain, to where the dream begins
Arcane contours in the fabric of the myriad planes
Swift as the flowing wind and rivers unseen
Reaping the first majestic breath of the waxing morning
As the window opens onto a pinnacle of inherent power

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