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Testo della canzone

Transform this decayed form into that of The Everliving
Regenerate me in the horrid embrace of my sarcophagus
Isolate me from the cruelty of my twisted reflection
Grant me immortality in exchange for perpetual servitude

Necromancer of the pyramid in the darkness of Third Earth
Lifeforce from the foci of the merciless four winds
Jagged teeth, glowing red eyes, bound hands mummified
Relentless, invincible my wrath shall be
Time travel through mirrors
In the wizard's dreams
Eternities into the sky
The dreadnaught will arrive

Daunting spires beneath a cluster of veiled suns descending
From the draconian majesty of the black rainbow
Prisms of shifting angles, internal alienage
Threshold of inverted light trembles on the unknown

Colossal serpents walk as men beneath a morbid Sphinx
Avian monstrosities brooding in the primal wastes
Mutants in the pits of doom initiating fate
The menacing dark core of the circinate stronghold

I've survived upheavals of cosmic savagery
In the seething twilight of this living abyss

These ruins obscure, an immemorial sadness
Whispers from the east, Ancient Spirits of Evil
Divine water moves within a swirling void
Prophecies and frenzied rites now lost to silence

I am blight and anguish dancing in the plague
Devastating galaxies in the sight of the sleepless stars
My kingdom unchanged by the passing of aeons
The heavens await my return

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