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Testo della canzone

An enormous stair, a grey cold castle stands
The ravens fly at dawn, baptised by ice and wind
The strengths of dark and light are one by the great moon
Skeletor the tyrant upon his fearsome throne
The thundering lord rules the world now slain
The infernal unknown and the hurricane hordes
Warriors divine and the ritual of steel
Storming the evil rage of the iron one

A prelude to the voice of the nemesis
A curse of vitriol and disharmony
Antagonistic night in a barren land
The little magician dreaming of a time to come

I am the last of the Eternian bloodline
Aria of suffering in the halls of The Sorceress
A despondent soul, an impaling silence
A murderous day of shattered illusions

By the dual halves of the sword, they will live
The victorious heritage of the ashen skull
I, the wandering prince of lorn valor
A master and guardian of the universe

Sheets of fire aflame my heart
Blasting force of a hellish tide
Bold at the point of glory
I have the power and I will change it all

We of the waves unbound by lament
Arms of chaos in dimensional upheaval
Livid scars upon the sorrowful sky
No wreckage but emptiness is before me
A mass of serpents upon the writhing mount
In the fractured eye of the villainous staff
The horn resounds in the dim wilderness
Fierce hunger for the elder secrets
Will I find what I'm looking for?
Lightning falls alone over silver seas
A mighty breath stirs in the rifts of the earth
The gods have never forgotten me

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