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Testo della canzone

Footsteps in the sands of Tatooine
In dreams of the lemniscate I've wandered
The glow of the moon devoured by the dark clouds of fate
I know the thunder is for me

Obscured by morbid sorcery on the Plateau of Tarynor
Evoking the third curse of the inexorable storm
Runic incantations upon the oaken wand
Gazing at the soil of the stars
Phantasmal landscapes of magnificent desolation
Feverish hallucinations in the midnight sun
Lost in isolation at the end of the spectrum
The old night willing to conquer

Across the mountains cold, through a frozen ocean of clouds
In the shadow of the Icewizards of Hoth
Nocturnal portrait, funereal fear
At the zenith of pandimensional summoning
I breathe the elder conjuration
Following the skyward impulse of Enoch

Above the bleeding distorted land on the edge of revelation
Suffused in the crimson twilight of the last sunset

A remarkable helix of nebular mist, odd to the guardian's eyes
Before the immortal mural of time, the machine is ever in motion
Riding the visions of the tesseract, ascending the spiral scales
Hurtling toward the binary suns beyond the gleaming vortex

Upon the gallows of a dying galaxy
Exhausted by gravity's constant crush
Death shall be my greatest command to all
As I escape the astral cage

In the dawning winds beyond the diminution of light
I arrive with the book in my hand
Forever treasuring the mania of youth
The future is mine to write

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