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Testo della canzone

Far beyond the stars, at the edge of the final frontier
I stand as Emissary of the Celestial Temple
Bastion of the ancient wormhole
Timeless entities transcending the nexus

Awakening visions - a universe in flames
The Pagh Wraiths blazing with radiant hate
The lengthening shadows of the conquering dominion
And legions of Jem Haddar fighting 'til the last

The sword of war will plunder with might - Cardassia in ruins
Amongst the endless fleets of ships smouldering in defeat
Bloodless eyes in a burning lair - a cage of crystal fire
The shapeless menace imprisoned by wrath under the dreaded caves
Enter the prophecy - destiny's ode - the profound wisdom of fate
Eternal rest in the sleep of completion, a wave of infinite sadness

Lightships once scattered by the solar winds
In bold adventure across the immense sea of space
As the nine orbs reappeared in the Bajoran skies
The divine Tears of the Prophets

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