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Testo della canzone

In shrouded sleep I lie
As my astral body is cast through time
Flying through infinity on scaly wings
Transcending nightmares and the waking world
The necromancer buried alive struggles to break free
From the black-masked dementors of inferno
A cyclonic cone of fear roars beneath the ground
It's very presence paralyzes the living
He'll overcome the sting of death, his tormentors will see
Armies of a thousand seraphim, invulnerable to be
No more shall mankind hide from evil's wrath and hateful lies
Our immortality prevails by the failing nephil cries

I enter other realms of magic
Witches incant behind clouds of colored smoke
The passion - a rapture of wicked convulsion
Spellbound to the dream forevermore
Haunting entreaties to sail through the heavens
Where galaxies glow like enlightened palaces
Fables and mythos alive in the twilight
Channeling the legends of a nameless past
I sit within a cube of glass, a thrall enchants my eyes
Warlocks surround the crystal tearing away the skies
Invoking primal chaos, former ages pass
Stalks of flame engulf the earth in burning gas

Monuments rise proud as mountains
Symbols of conquest achieving eternity
To dust and ash reduced as a floating musty sea
A mausoleum of ancient memories

Great kings have come and gone by the sun and moon
For all their power their bodies now drift like desert sands
A wish - a soul trapped in an endless forest
A timeless maze adrift in emptiness
Some dreams die and some live on though none can ever tell
Of how their fates were scattered in the cosmic wishing well
Another time into the night on silver spheres we glide
Another life will come to be and join the churning tide

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