Elephant Storm Of Wrath Testo Lyrics

Elephant Storm Of Wrath Testo Lyrics


Firenze, Toscana

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Testo della canzone

Blue turns to grey then to black as the storm waits to break on the anxious earth
A violent upheaval will soon come to pass - The Enemy grins at destruction
The ominous sky is alive with heat, bright as the night of the storm
Fierce winds, blinding downpour, lightning tears through the dark veil of clouds
And so the war begins, a struggle in the sky
Gone is the light from sun, star and moon
Like the armies of Mordor in igneous wrath
Thunder resounds through this premature night

As the crash of a thousand pantheons
Great is the release of this supernova
Ravaging the land with stones of ice
Another cycle - the earth is transformed

Marching free of my parched grave
Awakened to a form beyond time
Tears from above blessing black soil
Another cycle - the earth is reborn

The trees thrash wildly in the forest's pit
Branches get tangled and trunks torn apart
Sand turns to mud as it's pelted by rain
The wind howls in furious agony

The wise take refuge and wait for the dawn
Deep in their haven of home and hearth
Ride strong all who were caught unprepared
After the battle only the mighty remain

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album Obsidian Hell - Elephant

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