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Testo della canzone

The light from the trees is gone, the old dwarf sighed
Frigid swells like blossoming stars on the waft of a threnody
Transience arrives in requiem
They've stolen the moon and depression once more haunts the woods

Roam the forbidden path in the shadows forlorn
Their spoken names echo amongst twisted agony
Buried in a tangle of secrets is mankind's greatest gift
Hope lies in a deep grave where the sun is seldom seen

Steel rules the night
Forged by an elder hammer
I gaze into the ebon lake
Reflecting tears of ice

Trolls in the menacing fog
Dim, grey nightmares howling in the rain
In the cold eclipse, by the sleeping hills of Glom
Whispers caress in the wind mocking the tortured cries
Peals of lamentation - the plaint of a thousand mourning their loss
Endless hours of thirst and fear decay in thought
In the darkness I shall dream under an aegis of viridian leaves
As soothing as the breeze between the planets - sanctuary from the lords

Cleanse the forests with flame
Sorcery without reason
The glorious past lies in ashes
And the dead will soar
Once again the three are together
The Moonslayer, The Countess and The Wolf
A trove of knowledge beyond imagination
Ivory towers of an ideal future
Those afflicted with the humor
Laughing in the mantle of time
Together shall wait
And watch it all

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