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Testo della canzone

To those who now listen, how did it come to this?
At last I have arrived at truth and all the noise has ended
Refusing my destiny by choosing to suffer
Welcome this victim's legacy
Changing perceptions of an infected past
Constant exile became thundering lunacy
Perfection and perversion, dystopia and decay
There is no future, only this life

The minutiae of emotion crystallises to memory
Ephemeral moments of a paradigm shift
The tremendous density of a critical point
Early conditions of a fundamental cause

The most important illusion to sustain is that I matter
Interests and prospects damned by my own words
Everything I do seems to remind me of a failure
All trouble is permanent, an end in itself

After the final blast disfigured the landscape
Born from above like a bomb
I hid beneath the magnitude of trauma
Most in fear of that which had already happened

The march of progress and paranoia
Toward my doom with a beleaguered smile
Practicing for my suicide
No speech nor language for such a change
All who live shall die alone
Says the embittered to the idealist
Hopeless, worthless, internalized
A self-defeating gangled wretch

The archers beyond death with no enemy
Impotent as their arrows broken
Bows bent by age and muscle warped to fat
Ability unchallenged reduced to complacency
A shiver in the basement as I emerge from hibernation
Time will not slow down for me
Gasping as the soft rains fall
I am the only human being to survive

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