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Testo della canzone

A deep black well in the dismal darkness
A wormhole to hell - Dominium Daemonicus
A hidden stream of the Underworld
Crawls through these twisted catacombs
A nameless cult in amorphous array
Encircle the pit for their unspeakable ritual
The iridescent boiling blood casts shapeless shadows
As the iron grip of Evil closes them in

Strange howling horrifies the feeble countryside
A sound like no earthly creature ever made
The frantic wailing reaches a fever pitch
Invoking the ghoulish dead from their forgotten tombs

Inhuman, unearthly, horrid mockeries of animals
Insane, absurd, loathsome zombified devourers
Silently creeping schizophrenic terror
Deathless, eternal Reges Serpentis

Raping the mind infested with worms
Sanity flees the dank empty skull
In the night sky the moon is laughing
As the lonely stars babble in godless confusion

The Black Serpents return to their eldritch sanctum
Their blasphemous swaying has ceased for now
Back to the Sea of Abomination
Coiled in dreamless submerged sleep
The cult gazes longingly at the still black water
Profane euphoria fertilizes their grey minds
Not desiring the light of the sun
Captured forever in ultimate fear

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