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Testo della canzone

I awoke upon the plateau beneath an amber sky
I felt the heartbeat of the wind in the land where the rain is born
With aplomb I bled the heavens and watched the cherubs burn
Besieging fabled Titans through malefic invocations
Charming memories of the future haunting the pandemonium
The bitter illusion is all that remains but for me the vision will succeed
Deciphering crude symbols within the black caves
The secrets of the ancient galaxy
Understand the mystery of the Spiral Nebula
Communing with Sith Magicians on the floor of Lake Naath
This robe my only armor, magic my only quest
The dreamlore of Chedudwyn and the candles of Sirrion
Lost among a frenzy of images
I hear the songs of the bards
Boredom catalyzes creation
The gates of prophecy open

Carry onward
Manifested by the force of my will
A thundering pace
The druids come only to bury the dead

My vindication lies at the tranquil flames
This journey mystical has forsaken no wish
A great distance is yet before me
And worlds beyond still await
Soaring unfettered, the crystal sword in hand
Illumined in the mountain fortress, imbued with formulae
I fear my time is short
Hysteria warps my frantic mind
Dimorphing - the structure unravels
Reality has become unreal

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