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What little have we learned from this perfect accident?
Everything makes sense and everything is real
Who am I? Who was I? Who will I become?
Existence in extremis as the rim of this plane melts
Who can say what is impossible? Who will be by my side?
Should the victim forgive or curse them all?
Is living that simple? Who knows but the dead?
What is the fulcrum, what is the lever, and where do I stand?

A shiver in the basement then the falling of birth
Running, accelerating, scattering, progressing
The capacity of memory without stricture or cause
A creator who rested after the foundation was finished

I am just another sparrow passing through the stream
Of an obscure continent moving through the heavens
The day is late and this will be my final sunset
Crushed between the membranes of opposing times

The lovers behind the net considering the dance and the silence
Through heroism and adventure I've arrived at myself
Snap the bonds of paradox and swallow the wheels of fate
Sequence shifts and the only truth is the present

There is one world, there are many worlds
Reflections and echoes confused beneath the arch
Leaves lose their pigment and hair drains to grey
Are there any who dream of me? Was I ever destined?

Anadigm, paradigm, anadigm, paradigm
How can anything be obsolete if it exists in every moment?
Conception to execution, extinction to renewal
The mantle burns, the crux corrodes, all will pass and fade

Utter endless havoc, gravitational unbinding
As another universe dies, a lost and lifeless generation
The machinery of the human body stagnates at maximum entropy
And all I see are ashes ashes ashes ashes

Matter cannot be created or destroyed, all one needs is already available
Absolute failure is just another illusion, the world will not end
Uncertainty breeds more questions, more questions breed more quests, more quests breed more life, more life breeds
Change, collapse, reinvention, the last enemy that shall be destroyed is fear
In your hour of triumph, those who failed before you will not spite you
But rejoice in your success, for you have fulfilled their lives
The smallest mote, halved until infinity, can never reach zero
Intrinsic value can never be eradicated - quantum immortality!!!

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