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Testo della canzone

I now demand ultimate knowledge
For I've learned all I can under the sun
In my chamber chronicling the codex of history
My appetite whetted, I must know more

I cast off the triple deity of Jove
Not fooled by the stained glass illusion
An immaculate monument frustrating aspirations
Holy, defiled, it is no place for me

A storming descent through the heavenly body
Galactic garden of orbital alignment
Chaos to consequence in unnatural order
The sinister alchemist at the edge of abyss
Yet I am the observer and the observed
And my immortal soul is all I sacrifice
To understand the universe infinite
The deified symmetry of omnipotence
Lucifer, son of light, show me the patterns of life
For he who understands the game commands all space and time
Lucifer, my champion, illuminate for me
Kings' and tyrants' power and the cycle of destiny

Aries, Aries, god of war, send me to my death
Zeus, god above all gods, revive me with your breath
Lucifer, my shining star, your light is waning cold
My eyes are faint, my body aflame, inside I'm grey and old
The beast, the man, the goat, the horns, the mask has been removed
The morning star, the adversary leaves me at my doom

I, the arrogant amateur, have taken all of creation upon myself
And now, devoid of soul, my understanding is darkened again
At last all I desire is peace and a chance to make amends
For love is beyond knowledge - an emotion based on simple faith
Margaret, my love, please hearken to my cry
My quest it has been all in vain and now I finally die
As my story ends, I understand your heart
For all that I have learned, I can't explain your love

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