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Testo della canzone

I demand to see a sacrifice
By the Icesword of the Invisible Empress
Eruptions in the depths of a labyrinthine mind
Concentric rings of orgasmic fire

Proffer a venom of amorphous malevolence
On the meridians of the nocturne forest
Gaze into the soul of the being who created
The portals in the veil of this twilight abyss
Balancing on the delicate matrix
Poised in awareness
Tampering in weird dimensions
A theatre of processes

Swirling mists weaving countless realms and forces
A kinetic glow in the crypts of frozen light
The air shimmers with a tapestry of power
A column of glimmering argent twined with a vine of darkness
Winds of sorcery beyond imagination
Ridden by Moonslayer and caressing the Wolf
Not even the gods could imagine such power
Uniting the universe at it's essence

The inward eye and the sightless sea
She is the water of transformation
Beyond the emerald frontiers
Structured within a web of sentient spells

An elaborate trance of incantations
Screaming for the spectral jewels of Aldebaran
Rarefied by bloodstone vengeance, beauty has turned to rust
I will never feel the love of you

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