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Testo della canzone

I ride the black waves on the oceans of night
The demon who makes trophies of man
A journey giving chase across the galaxies
The chameleon adapting to any environment

Amongst the violence and the conflict I will be
Drawn to the fighting and the craving for the kill
Indefatigable in my pursuit
Ruthless in my attack and taking no prisoners

Curvilinear hieroglyphs on subterranean pyramids
An alien labyrinth under eternal mountains of ice
The solar storm radiates deep phosphorescent shadows
The hunter's moon is full in the sky - Let the sport begin!

Consumed by the slashing knives
And the laser's blast
Garish in my bloody vision
Ripping out the spines
Harvesting the skull
A token from the corpse of my prey

Atop the grey dawn
In the first heat of the new day
Harsh sunlight upon the valley at war
Into the battle the dragonangel descends

From the auroral dust of the spirit world
To the sleeping dunes of the holy desert
Spears of lightning desolate between the clouds
The darkbringer stalking the ethereal planes
Calling with the voice of one you know, turn around and kiss the blades
Glimpse the disappearing eyes camouflaged by bending light
Suffer from the fear that curses souls before the final strike
With the inescapable certainty of an execution
Stealth and silence through the forests, jungles, caves incarnadine
A warrior's noble conquest spiting ignominious defeat
At safari's end I prepare destruction to scorch this no man's land
Victorious I continue glorious supremacy

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