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In a hostile world devoid of light, we are shaping dawn
Obsessive apophenia, psychosis of creation
Without haven free to journey through chaos
We are the renegades compelled to rip the sword from stone
Past and future polarized by belief and wrath
Gone is the proselyte wisdom of a nihilistic age
Surging wraiths on parabolic radiation waves
The leviathan floating in ocular aurora

Shining as hawks with a scorpion's sting
Slashing with blazing talons of energy
Piercing rage of poignant radiance
Asylum in the luminous oceans of the far unknown

Phosphenes like bursting words expelled from my gaze
Poneglyph labyrinths floating in deep space
Adroit architecture, angles of time equate
The wingless dragonfly, juggernaut of the seven universes

Powered by crystals toward shadows and stars
This living spacecraft a furnace of viral youth
We are the sweetness and the strength in a zone of dark
Hunters of the divine secret, warriors of discovery

Off we go to seas of blood grappling for truth
Passionate we are assassins of all doubts
Elite in the acceptance of reality as illusion
Advancing toward the crux of our frantic existence

Hymns for the fortune of glorious life
The sun chair of the ancients not a throne of glass
Traumatic hypnosis by the prince of ivory
Through the monstrosity of immense galaxies

Devouring bombarded planets of skeletal flames
Howling paranoia with the ghosts of deprivation
As cosmic moths destroyed by the solar rays
Reaping the lividity of swollen moons

Ride the gale of night away from unlit realms
Chase the black trial to experience pangs of birth
Coming from the span in victory arrayed
With the faith of a revolutionary force

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