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In a dark age, I walked among the tyrants
Six we were - bound in a midnight trance
Every night we would die together
Restless and reckless with no destination but escape
Time to go to sleep, soon the dreams will come
Eyghon possess me, take me anywhere but here
To where nightmares still walk in physical form
Before they were imprisoned in the quiescence of the mind
Drawn by the tenebrous spirits to the bacchanals of Achelous
Gazing into the souls entwined in the rivers of Etruria

Warriors of evil blood gathered in the depths
Initiating the projection across countless morbid planes
A circle of extinction amongst the silent stars
Dormant in the darkness of rebirth

Days of chaos, black magic and sorcery
Feeling the surge of exhilaration for pleasure or gain
Dreading the inevitable leap into the spectral rush
From the edge of this timeless ritual

Treasuring the moments eternal, hearing the somber sounds of the rain
Recalling the premonitions whispered in the crimson mists of the dawn

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