Elephant Toward The Silver Seas Of Tormenthastrum Testo Lyrics

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Testo della canzone

Out of the proud sun toward the shores of another world
Cormorant musings, silent visions ravening
Hear the calling rhythm from wells of consciousness
On ivory mares we voyage through arcades of legendary
Architect of spheres and obelisks, intellect and madness
The axis of creation and it's glorious similitude
Ocean caves at the feet of cyclopean might
You cannot find the universe? You are within it's core!

The moon wears a bleak face, laughs at peerless beauty
An inscrutable and captivating smile
Weaving infinite shadows about itself
A wonder cloaked in a mystery

Navigate the blazing haze of the deep heavens
Hollow cliffs seared by time closer now than eye has seen
Strength in the nucleus of the perfect void
Shatter every illusion at the leyline of truth

Ancient creatures surfacing from every silver sea
Surrendering of memories to the infinitesimal flame
The eternal child passing through the mind like a whim
Winged giants dancing at planetary speeds

Promethean ideals, a symptom of being
The myth of microcosm is just a fool's wisdom
The cryptic spores of music are to stay forever
The solitary chemistry of the plasmic waters
Renewed from age to age, consolation of sorrows
Breeding regularity from dissociated knowledge
Arcana uphold me as the night wakes
If life is the answer, the question must be

Remember me when all bid farewell and leave you alone
Remember me as new emotions sprout into new thoughts
Remember me astonished as the fierce charge is made
Remember me in songs of defiance as the wild rumpus starts
Remember me when fires burst asunder over birthing skies
Remember me when autumn winds move upon the ageing fields
Remember me when miracles are lost beyond all agony
Remember me as my raft proceeds into the darkness

A terrace of sinking islands
Sloping downward to the black oak
In a caldera of smoldering waste
Where the latent doom now stirsa

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