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Come Foundation, Come Sons of Thunder
To witness a vision that will make you tremble
God revealed to you that I am the Christ
Now prepare your eyes to harmonize with your faith

He spoke of Jerusalem, of suffering and death
He spoke of Resurrection, that he would rise again
Above and away from the surrounding world
The Messiah's glory was revealed

His face shone as the sun, his raiment white as light
Enveloped in the sanctuary of God's presence
Peter, James and John fell to their faces in fear
It's good for us to be here, but we are so afraid

The Light of the World set on the mountaintop
Moses and Elias appeared and spoke with him
Bewilderment and wonder then a voice out of the cloud
This is my beloved Son, hear you Him

Fear not at what you have seen
Understand that I am the Son of God
Feet on the Rock, eyes to the sky
Our minds transformed as we follow the light

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