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With force I blaze the universe, my whispered lies birth fear
I lead the rebellion against the Most Ancient, corrupting the promise of Heaven
I am the thief that kills and destroys with the flash of time I have
Commanding the spirits of the ether, seeking prey to devour

I am the dragon spoken of in the tales of old
Death on black wings and eyes of blood, revered by the cruelest of spectres and demons
I shall infect humanity with a pestilence of hate
Aurora in torment, I ravish the first light of dawn

With the hammer of evil, I crush the countenance of purity
With a rusty, wicked blade I mutilate your flesh
Your corpse is now mine to do with as I please
Bound in your own web you claw at yourself
Riding katabatic winds into the netherworld
Where the lunar serpents oppress the shattered rainbow
Across the mandrake fields before the labyrinths of Algol
I am the cosmos - I am Everlasting

O how the lustrous one has fallen
A beautiful, tragic fable
A sanctuary denied, a punishment for pride
Banished for betrayal, father of the false
In the slumber of the sages
Truth appears as the effulgent sun
The legion is vanquished, imprisoned in filth
To dwell among the flies, cast into a bottomless pit

I am reality, all that exists in this creation, cold and brutal, merciless
You are a fantasy - hope for the poor, the weak, the suffering - moral, sanctimonious
I am the predator plundering the flock, ripping them breathless, the rule, the alpha dominant
Lambs in peril, lost and feeble, slaughtered by the wolves of scorn

I am every sin and blasphemy, the source of iniquity, the perversion of mankind
I am the thorn in genesis, the salt in the wound, the venom in the ambrosia
I took a third of the trusted Host, I crucified the only Son at Golgotha
Tongues of Living Fire dancing upon a jade-blue ocean, angry flames will fall

Searching for the glory that was blessed unto me, never to rest or sleep again
An angel once, now condemned to forever wander the skies

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