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Testo della canzone

Dreams they enlight the shadow you hide
No more dead past
You leave it behind
End sentimental poems in cold jester's game
With nightmare sunsets you fade away

Freezing alone
Forlorn defeat
Enter them now...

For every dying tear is a broken dream
Those empty hearts
New sorrows rise
This raging storm is our last caress
Colossal pain
The blind embrace

Freezing alone
Forlorn defeat
Enter me now...

I am the master
Ruler of this play
I know your fear
And I can feel your pain
Now take my hand
Through dancing flames
Towards Elysium
We'll go

End this life
With just one word
Heavens close above
Falling fast
You'll dive
(into a) shallow grave inside

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album Dreamlands Elysium
Dreamlands - Gotico

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