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Testo della canzone

We, the orphaned...
...fallen ones...
Far from our kigdom gone
Gathered in silence
The eldest tribe
Millions of years mean nothing
Here and now

Starfire wisdom enlights our path
Sinister avengers for the newborn age

Fiercing pestilence
Violent inferno
Furious armageddon
Walk with us!

Let the emptiness swallow the weak
And winds of vengeance rise
The blind will follow dead call
When we will rule our earth again

Hypocrisy falls
We bring you the dawn of knowledge
Exit... the darkness
Enter... the enlightment

Moonwarriors in chariots of storm
Cursed and immortal
Emperors of nightly domains
In spiral descending
As utopia burns

Tyrants of dreamside dominions
Blackwinged nightmare warlords
They bring you the new order
Chaos is the new order

Album che contiene Edenfall

album Dreamlands Elysium
Dreamlands - Gotico

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