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Testo della canzone

Activate fantastic aeon
Assymetry breaks at hand
Kaleidoscope phenomenon
Celluloid charmin' scenes

Enter this decade of glamour
Then float slowly in the mud
New colorful rollercoaster
Highs and lows - merry-go-round

Hoi polloi dolls - suburban riots
Spit or swallow - new raw deal
Plastic bullets' entertainment
Adrenalize at v.h.f.
Accelerate changin' seasons
Spontaneous & breathless kid
Fluctuate the consequences
Expansing & advanced forms

No awkward situations
Call us squalid misanthropes
Share the sick & dirty thoughts
On our obscene channel low
Monochromatic dementia
No hideout for reservoir dogs
Our fury well designed
Brave new world - yet undone

Lowest common denominator
Good-for-nothing Jack The Lad
Ever happiest high powered killjoy
An idiotic ignorant

With a fast tracks installation
Inspiring ingrowing net
Corporate revolution
Lost luxuries monuments

Album che contiene Sinusoid Forward

album Feedback Elysium
Feedback - Gotico

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