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Testo della canzone

...so you want to know the truth
I am bleeding and it hurts
All the things you've said before
Like pins driven in this heart

And I'm shrinking 'till I'm small
So nobody sees my waste
Drown myself in steamy mirrors
'till I almost disappear

...as I'm standing in the rain
I see you just walk away...

I've met your demons on my way
They're drawing lines on my blue skin

Patient blades drink rusty water
When I fade with dying light
No mercy and no forgiveness
Her black diamonds turn to dust

Close my time in Thanatos' hands
On this sweet reckoning day
Let's see now what you can do
Will you show who you love
No warm words can ease your pain
When you're falling
But I still can smile

...so you want to know the answer
I am bleeding and it ends
You'd better leave or hide your fear
I won't forgive... it is too late

Album che contiene Six Cold Days

album Dreamlands Elysium
Dreamlands - Gotico

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