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Testo della canzone

You feed those crimson sorrows
Inside my burning veins
You're tearing me out and kissing me dead
As my collection of failures grows

But deep there's a chaos-demon
That's called myself
Feasting on vengeance
In mind's pandemonium

In your whore world illusion
Unlocked red light dreams
You never wanted to see
How I want you to stay

Tired of constant crawling
An aimless odyssey
I stare into your eyes
And watch that something dies

Breaks the silence
Let us go
For we're the earthborn phantoms
The eye of the storm that's yet to come
Young night thieves
We steal the tragedies unbearable
False healers
Golden frames of innocence stiffle us

Soulfever rapes me
The contecst of my movements
Misoginistic hell
An icon of regret

Album che contiene Suicidal Angels

album Dreamlands Elysium
Dreamlands - Gotico

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