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Testo della canzone

Another scarred dog sunrise
Hopeleessness included
Free sorrow handy case
Self sucking serves me well

Depressive shock
Dry throat & cold sweat
Exclude logic examples
Constant events

Search for delusive skylight
Portable plastic men

Save your soul
And don't you dare to ask for more
Cause all we've got
Unfriendly world of whores

Same ol' song again
Stuffy environs sight
Sustain a common loss
Let loose your private hell

Harmony breaks
Clock's ticking much too fast
Accelerate - no fear
File - dust & broken glass

This is not
A love song
And the sense's suddenly gone
Well I stuck in nowhere
And I show my wounds opened

Just ordinary story
Another shooting star
Simple episode's failure
You're fired - sad to say

Hit the dirt
The only way is down
Slime covered sores
Cold alcoholic cell

Album che contiene Timebomb

album Eclipse Elysium
Eclipse - Gotico

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