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Testo della canzone

Hello my friend, hope it's the end
No saving grace, no words to tell

Since emotions explode
Solidifly sorrowproof shields

Try to reconstruct my world
From broken frames of the past
Entering final chapter
Embittered daybreak surrounds

Virus in veins
Elusive pain
Forever blind
First strike is deadly & now death becomes me
Convicing concept well excused
Nail biting show, exciting view
World famous victims - opening night
Commercial breakdown, tense sinews graps

Drive needle in, solution - choke
Third degree filth
Rope, dagger, bullet - a friend or a foe
Uneasy movement - in for the kill

Senses slow down
Bite helping hand
Zero in on me
Scratching the surface & now death becomes us

Feels like I'm doing it for a first time
Forced to play this ugly scene
An actor without screenplay
In a virgin suicide

Forward to exit, shivering & stoned
Insipidlifestyle - rat race control
Transfigured angels with no choice at all
Taking their own lives - you're next in line

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album Eclipse Elysium
Eclipse - Gotico

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