Biografia Ensoph

STAINED BY THE SHAME OF THE NEW MILLENIUM BIOGRAPHIC NOTES: General: Since 1997 Ensoph explore a really personal artistic path blending in their music extreme metal, gothic, prog & electro-industrial with a unique and immediately recognizable weird experimental taste. Their aesthetic research has its roots in the attempt to read and interpret the modern inquietude for an un-thinking future with suggestions coming from esotericism, philosophy, apocryphal literature and tragical theology. The result is a perfect soundtrack for the nowadays (yet ancient) neurotic, insatiable, desperate hunger for apocalipse. Line-up: N-Ikonoclast: vocals Xraphæl: guitars & programming KKTZ: bass Next-X@nctum: keyboards Xenos: drums Discography: 1997 - Les Confessions du Mat MCD (NoBrain Rec./ITA)* 1999 - Les Confessions du Mat Tape (Orofarne Rec./POR)* 2000 - Ananke or The Spyral-Trinity beyond Alpha & Omega Promo (Self-produced)* 2001 - Bleeding Womb of Ananke CD (Beyond... Prod./ITA)* 2002 - Bleeding Womb of Ananke CD (Irond Rec./RUS)* 2003 - Sophia Promo (Self-produced) 2004 - Opus Dementiae. Per Spaeculum et in Aenigmate CD (Cruz del Sur Rec./ITA) contains «Sophias Fall (Sophie Welt RX)»** by B. Kramm (DAS ICH/KRAMM) 2006 - Project X-Katon CD (Cruz del Sur Rec./ITA) first 1500 copies comes with STEVE SYLVESTER (DEATH-SS) feat. ENSOPH: «The seductive dwarf EP» 3 CD single *different line-up **enclosed in ORKUS mag. (GER) VV.AA. CD vol.1 (2004) & RITUAL mag. (ITA) VV.AA. CD PERVERSION Vol. 5, Gothic n18 Live: KATATONIA (Viva Emptiness Tour, The Great Cold Distance Tour), DEATHSTARS (48 carat darkness tour), NOVEMBRE (Gothic Easter Tour 2004, Materia tour 2006, The Blue Tour 2008), DEATH SS (The Horned Witches Tour 2005, The 7th seal tour 2006), ARCTURUS, THEATRE OF TRAGEDY, 1349, RED HARVEST, GOTH MINISTRY, DOPE STARS INC, KIRLIAN CAMERA, WEDNESDAY 13, LACRIMA PROFUNDERE, THEATRES DES VAMPIRES, KILLING MIRANDA (killing beauty tour 2004), CINEMA STRANGE, EPHEL DUATH, LAKE OF TEARS . Various parteciapation at international festival as Wave Gotik Treffen (Germany), Dark Day (Italy), Dark Celebrations (Italy, Slo ), Obscure Presence (UK), Brainwashing Fest (Slovakia), Haliaetum open air (Cro) BUY AND DOWNLOAD OUR ALBUM FROM THE DIGITAL STORE NOW!!

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