Brindisi and Turin are the two bases that feed erhZ creativity and where his productions come to life and grow.
erhZ music becomes naturally indietronic, a sound which is not linked to a precise genre, spacing from trip pop to rock, from electro to techno, from ambient to alternative. Sound landscapes with no boundaries to turn emotions into music.
erhZ represents the ultimate attempt to freeze inside music all those thousand perceptions that cannot be expressed by words. No truth, no definition, no explanation.

erhZ, with its signature Life Needs A Soundtrack, is a “Home Made” project.

Marco G. records its productions in his home/studio in Turin, so, he defines its music as "Lo-Fi tronic", (not using computer), but hardware sequencer and workstation 16-track recorders.

Some of the tracks featuring the voice of Lou-C.

April 2008
Releases its first album "Sixteen Mercury Wagons"

September 2009
Unknown Eyes, from the album Sixteen Mercury Wagons, is selected for the short film Rolling On which, with a co-production with Wild Dream (UK) and Piano B (ITA), is presented at the Raindance Festival in London in October 2008.
Rolling On, with the participation of Tony Hawk, one of the world top skateboard champions, is selected for the London Film Festival, the most important and prestigious UK film festival.

April 2009
Release of Love & Hate remix, from the album Sixteen Mercury Wagons, together with the unreleased track She Eats Honey In The Night.
These two tracks will feature in the compilation ChillHouse, from the 4-CD Box set HIT MANIA CHAMPIONS 2009.

September 2010
Releases its second album "Happiness Is A Point Of View".