Deliri / Desideri / Distorsioni / Frantumi / Speranze. Fauve! Gegen a Rhino è musica del dopoguerra, il prossimo.

(letteralmente tradotto: Belva! Contro un Rinoceronte)

Composto da Andrea Lulli & Riccardo Gorone.

Il loro ultimo lavoro POLEMOS è uscito per l'etichetta scozzese di John Wills (Pumajaw, ex LOOP), la BEDEVIL MUSIC.


Taking struggle to be a catalyst for creativity, POLEMOS move the listener through moods of frustration, calm and triumph over adversity, mirroring current events, in a sea of electronics, synthesizers, samplers and oscillators.
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At just 21, a few miles north of Florence, they make and record their music in a world far away from their contemporaries, explorers in a laboratory of contemporary experimental sounds.

Their music is apocalyptic, influenced by the artist Gordon Matta-Clark’s beauty from semi dereliction. They build new harmonies and rhythms woven with vocals and spoken word from deconstructed noise and found sounds, keeping their music accessible, opening their aural world to the listener.

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