Fiamma Fumana 1.0 Testo Lyrics

Fiamma Fumana 1.0 Testo Lyrics

Folk, Elettronico, Alternativo 

Emilia Romagna

Testo della canzone

Lost determined modern emancipated
Disconnected rogue variable
Disoriented good-humoured integrated Bright and anyway new

Daughter and granddaughter, heir of my world
Voice that vibrates in air and earth
Always was there never seen before
All too new

Female free confused sparkling
Tuned-in lively independent
Alienate serene charming
Absolutely new

Teenager ancient virgin and mother
Unsatisfied mobile restless
Contemporary fascinating
And above all new


Daydreaming unhappy romantic disappointed
Unpredictable ironic confused
Scared optimistic jealous
Unusual unreleased new

Note that rings in the places of memory
Arrow of time aimed at the target
Song of the world rhythm of the people
As it has always been, new


Album che contiene 1.0

album 1.0 - Fiamma Fumana
1.0 1999 - Folk, Elettronico, Alternativo Mescal

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