Fiamma Fumana Dance! Testo Lyrics

Fiamma Fumana Dance! Testo Lyrics

Folk, Elettronico, Alternativo 

Emilia Romagna

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Testo della canzone

My foot taps with time and I can't stop it
I want to follow the rythm tonight
As long as ther's music I want to dance to it

The time has come for a decision, the time has come for truth
It makes no sense that you try to hide, you've got to say it clear
You've got to say it and show it, that I am the one you want
Today is holiday, so make me dance, make me have fun

Dance! Don't stop even for a moment
Dance! If you want me with you
Dance! Let the others stare at us
Dance or move over

I've resolved to follow my own road, whether you're coming or not
I do not want to wait for you convenience, I want to have fun
I am alive, I am liquid fire as the dance carries me away
I dive into the core of the dance, take me by the hand and


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album Home - Fiamma Fumana
Home - Folk, Elettronico, Alternativo

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