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Testo della canzone

Last pages, end of the story
Welcome to the end titles
No past, no future
Only an eternal present

Ring roads, hypermarkets
Cars slowing down to pick up prostitutes
But if I listen to the stones paving the streets
I hear a different, older song

Lingua Italiana Locale Trasparente

Voice of the world, voice of the earth
Time over time marking the beat
Song of the people, song of history
Does it come from the outside or the inside?

Cradle song to lull to sleep
Serenade to stir passion
Working song, partisan hymn
I want to sing them different but the same

Local Italian language
I want to speak it different but the same
Live in my time without ever forgetting
Mothers, grandmothers, lands, peoples
Local Italian See-through Languages
Old sounds, new meanings
We are still here

Album che contiene L.I.L.T.

album 1.0 - Fiamma Fumana
1.0 1999 - Folk, Elettronica, Alternativo Mescal

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