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Testo della canzone

Greeks Celts Carthagenians Romans Longobards Arabs Africans
Swabians Normans Slavs Gypsies Jews
Proven?als Austrians Aragonese imperial Germans Bourbon Frenchmen
Moors Spaniards Albaninas Lybians Eritreans

(Fiamma) Kind land of green hills and lakes
Let me stay here with you
I have left the mountains and the great woods in the North
I'll be your daughter from now on

(Tonj) Land looking out to the sun and the high mountains
Let me stay here with you
I left troubles and loves on the other side of mountains and sea
I'll be your son from now on

Mixedblood is the blood of our fathers
And of the fathers of our fathers
And of the fathers of the fathers of our fathers

(Fiamma) Kind land a man has come from the sea
Make him stay here with me
He has salt on his skin, a foreign language on his lips
He has come and he'll be mine

(Tonj) Land full of flowers, I found a clear-eyed one
Make me sit here with her
She gives warmth, her hair like fire
I have found her and she'll be mine

I left troubles and loves? hot and burnt by the sun
Mixedblood is the blood of our fathers

Album che contiene Mixedblood

album Home - Fiamma Fumana
Home - Folk, Elettronica, Alternativo

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