Fiamma Fumana - Testo Lyrics Tre sorelle

Testo della canzone

We are three sisters from Campegine
We are the prettiest, let us through
Every day, all day long is good for singing
We are the merriest, let us through

Every Sunday we get ready for the feast
Feast-time, let us through
We dress up and put flowers in our hair
Cherry-tree flowers, let us through

In the village streets everybody is greeting us
Feast-time, let us through
Every young man in the village is courting us
We dance with them all, but will take no-one

In times of war our grandmother was a partisan
Daughters of war, let us through
In times of peace our grandmother went to the rice field
Daughters of labour, let us through

Album che contiene Tre sorelle

album 1.0 - Fiamma Fumana1.0
1999 - Folk, Elettronico, Alternativo Mescal
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