Siamo una band della provincia di Cuneo con un EP e un video musicale all'attivo. Pezzi nostri, genere alternative/rock, con qualche influenza metal.


But they didn’t give up, and the new year brought the band a new member: Steve, a determinated drummer, who seems to be the missing piece of a never-ended puzzle. Finally, FOREVER ENDED YESTERDAY is ready to take back the lost time. After some months, the band was contacted by Amedeo (Screaming Eyes guitarist), who asked to produce them a song. The band decided to record “Follow The Lights”, a song that sounds really different from the band’s real nature;
the band took this record as a challenge with themselves. The song was officially released in 22 july. After some concerts in their zone, the band received the opportunity to sign with the indipendent label This Is Core. In december 2012, they released their first EP, ìmiarma; and a music video for the single Unreal Smile.


Some of the members took part in other bands, but they remained in contact each other. But a band’s reborn was in their minds, so Frankie called Jux (guitar) and proposed him this idea, and he accepted with great enthusiasm; this reborn took place with: Frankie as vocalist, Ale as bassist, Lyn as guitarist, Andy as drummer and Jux as guitarist. The band was united again, and it seems ready to materialize their ideas. Under this reborn, the guys wanted to leave back the past and changed their name: FOREVER ENDED YESTERDAY. When everything was ready to start trying new songs,
Andy left the band, leaving the four guys again in search for a new drummer. The band, then, starts to try some drummers, but without good results.


Then comes the summer, and the band was sadly constricted to pause the project; but suddenly a friend introduced Andy S. to the band; they decided to take again the project, but with another name. After that, they found a new guitarist, Ema (Never Ending Apnea), and the band reborn as BORDERS WE CROSSED. In june 2010, thanks to some Ale’s friends, the band played at a private party in Mondovì. But then arrived new problems for the band, and they was re-constricted
to stop the project.

Starting from january 2009, the band began to have some problems, as FrenkyJay left the project, followed by Andy, who was in contrast with the ideals of the other members. Frankie, Lyn and Ale returned to the origin of the band, searching new members.

Forever Ended Yesterday was born in 2008 with another name, the founders of the band were Frankie (vocals) and Lyn (guitar); then, they called Ale (bass) to join the band. After various researches to find the missing members, Andy (guitar) and FrenkyJey (drums) joined the band. The band were ready to start; in december 2008 they recorded an EP, called “BRING ME INSIDE EP”.