His relationship with music started when a long time ago, as a child, he would eat his meals if and only if watching music shows on TV, probably already captured by melodies, beats and that strange tools with strings, black and white keys, knobs etc, but who knows. Afterwards, Tristan Irvine actually started being fascinated with musical instruments at the age of three, when he finally put his hands on some keyboards. A new world opened before his eyes. At age ten his ordinary life was already a struggle, so he took total refuge in music, doing all he could to explore the most of it, browsing through every kind of genre and forgetting about everyone and everything else. At the same time he started making his own naive-early songs, filling up loads of old good music tapes and he realized then that music was becoming a real necessity. It was not until he turned thirteen that he could start playing local live shows with various bands, however, he was too ambitious to be part of generic cover bands, therefore he started learning to play different instruments, compose, perform and record on his own. In early 2006, after endless hours spent reading and practicing obsessively, he was ready to put everything he learnt into practice; he started writing his solo instrumental album. He focused on the project for an entire year, writing, producing and playing every instrument on it. That project went under the name of Fragments Of Winter, a mixture of alternative rock 'guitar-bass-drums' music, ambient atmospheres, melodic piano and cold synths melting together to form the album Let The Dream Begin (released 25/05/07). As of now, he finally finished up the new sophomore album, Skyrockets (released 09/09/09). Again, created entirely by himself alone, it is definitely a more mature record and it took two years of experimentation and hard work for it to come to a conclusion.