Freya April Witch Testo Lyrics

Freya April Witch Testo Lyrics

Rock, Acustico 


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Testo della canzone

This misery that holds me under

Won't let me get away

One day you'll see that this could be perfect

So I'll hold on

Can feel it waking up inside of me now

It would be so easy just to bring it to life

I always wanted for this to happen

Now you'll finally see that I'll always be the one

Is there a chance

Don't get my hopes up

But it seems it's finally here

Could light break through the grey

Can my wish be coming true

Could this be real or is it all just in my head

Album che contiene April Witch

album As The Last Light Drains - Freya
As The Last Light Drains 2003 - Rock, Acustico

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