Gaia Riva - Testo Lyrics My Arms

Testo della canzone

On the ground
They would say
"Hold it down"
But your fantasy
Now runs in all directions
Without rest
And I'm the only reason
When you'll come
You'll return
Stamping your steps on the floor
After days of phantom love
And with a sneer
You will show: "oh, this is what you have lost"
I'll welcome your vengeance in
My arms (x 4)
On the bed
Your unsent letters
It drives you mad
All this silence
Water drips
from the tap and down your cheeks
your fantasy goes fast
it takes you higher
You will knock on my door
With all the anger that you'll want
With a picture in your hand
With pain or with no pain?
With a grimace on your face
To show me what I've lost
And I'll hold you in my arms
And I'l hold your vengeance in
My arms (x 12)
On the ground
They would say
"Hold it down"

Album che contiene My Arms

album Come and See - Gaia RivaCome and See
2008 - Rock Edel
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