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10/03/2012 - 10:03 Foto di Airbagpromo Records 2
[APR013] High Voltage Overdrive – With Whiskey On The Road
[APR001] The Boots – This Is Not A Test
[APR002] autumn:downpour:machinery – Fall I
[APR003] IntoXication – Geladen & Entsichert
[APR004] The Psychos – Blood Sweat Rock’n’Roll
[APR005] The Living Targets – Inneriot
[APR006] Klakson – Beauty And The Klakson
[APR007] IntoXication – Kill Yourself And Go To Hollywood
[APR008] Stylish Kids In The Riot – You!You! EP
[APR009] Knrrz – Net.Crawler
[APR010] Cemetery Drive – Until Tomorrow EP
[APR011] Hit The Single – A Tribute To Kurt J. Moser’s Hit Single
[APR012] Zeugshmitz – twenty_eleven
[APR014] Klakson – Hamburgers, Chips & Russians
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