Geffen - Believe

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Another night
Spent alone writing
Those inner secrets
A boy's got
He knows that almost certainly
They will be only so far hopes
He's going to sink
Into his sliding-away life

This ain't a story of a dream come true
An unrealised chance of a lifetime
It didn't last for an all night long
But for a long entire gone life

Believe in you

Therefore you, stronger fight
Than your strength of will does
Hit for first, it is worse
Always feeling as crushed
Make your move, set your rules
Maybe once you will fall
But then you can turn
Every world as you want it

Which expectations could ever have
Who knows the game from the beginning?
He does nothing to shift his ground
Only for fear of his failing
If you don't do anything
Then you'll find yourself
Seated there alone
If you move your body
That's the way you'll get it
You will gain a chance

Believe your dreams
Never give up!
Believe your dreams
You'll get what always waited for
Believe your dreams
Do not stop 'til you're breathless

There're lots of chances
Ambition inches
It needs to lead in doing
Too many give up
Too much for weak ones

Therefore you, with no doubt
Have to keep holding out
There's no cause for defend
Put your head out the sand
Stay awake! Listen up!
You don't have to give up!
And then you could turn
Every world as you want it

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