Biografia Gerolamo Sacco

Biografia Gerolamo Sacco

Psichedelico, Post-Rock, Electro 

Bologna, Emilia Romagna

(ENG) All-in-one musician who sings, write and produce his songs. Fanz call him "Mr Dragonfly", his animal-symbol!

(ENG) Gerolamo Sacco, called in many other suggestive ways all over the world, is an italian music painter with a strong passion for gloves, cilinder hats, little steel robots, playing cards decks. He hates cover bands, unsolicited advices, bras. Someone said: "He will become very famous just when the people will realize that his music is one of the most original expressions of these times" (XXX) Active since 2 years as in Miraloop, a new-born-baby of music labels collector that published more than 500 tracks in many music styles, as producer for different projects and band (rock, love metal, electronic, singers, electropop) and as artist himself.

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