Giardini di Mirò - Testo Lyrics Last act in Baires

Testo della canzone

Like it's easy clear
Nobody calls your name
If you leave a day to breathe

I'll hold it inside me
Nothing to push away
If I leap and fall

Return to serene
No more reason to push away
If you had everything

Doubt and reason to fall
(and hoping I could breathe)
No more places to push away
Hoping everything is clear

(Hoping I could breathe)

Easy clear
Walk from here
No more fear
Return to serene

Album che contiene Last act in Baires

album Punk... not diet! - Giardini di MiròPunk... not diet!
2003 - Psichedelico, Noise, Alternativo, Post-Rock Homesleep, Sony BMG
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